Presentation. Ritual. Custom. Aha!

 Presentation. Ritual. Custom. Aha!

40 days from birth to presentation - over a month of being a family.  I wonder about the ordinariness of that time.  Ritual purification, the daily routine of a young family with a new born.  Have they gone home?  They still had to deal with the enrollment/census.  Tired.  Stressed.  Worried.  Not just the worries of normal new parents,  but the parents of Emanuel. 

Then the day of presentation.  They have made the trip to Jerusalem.  It is time.  Law guided.  The Law providing a framework for acting.  A routine.  Expected.  Faithful.  Joseph buys the birds, the prescribed offering.  They enter the Temple.  A young Jewish couple. Probably others there as well.  Routine.  Prescribed.  Expected.  Cultural.  Ritual.  Everything is normal and then, everything stops.

Walk in Faith, Not Fear. Walk! Share!

Walk in Faith, Not Fear.  Walk! Share!

Named.  Formed.  Continually created.  Called.  Rescued.  Forgiven.  Healed.  Saved, not condemned.  Loved.  It has taken me a lifetime to come to hear and to feel these revelations as personal truth, not religious dogma or cliche.  It has also taken me years to feel that I can and should share my own spiritual learnings with others.  I am called to walk in faith, not fear.  Walk!  Yes, Lord.