Emmanuel! Hurry, Joseph!

Emmanuel!  Hurry, Joseph!

I pulled out the map in the back of my Bible and see that this trip is 65 miles as the crow flies.  However, these are not crows.  This is one young, very pregnant woman along with her husband - solid and steady, but also he had to be concerned if not downright afraid.  This is high risk.  If Joseph had indeed been married before and had children, he knew far more what to expect then Mary.  The logistics of this must have been a concern.  This must have been a "must do" trip.  No one would willingly take it on their own.  Too risky.  Not just for Mary, but for their child, especially this child.  From the moment of the angel's announcement, nothing has been normal about this situation.

Walk in Faith, Not Fear. Walk! Share!

Walk in Faith, Not Fear.  Walk! Share!

Named.  Formed.  Continually created.  Called.  Rescued.  Forgiven.  Healed.  Saved, not condemned.  Loved.  It has taken me a lifetime to come to hear and to feel these revelations as personal truth, not religious dogma or cliche.  It has also taken me years to feel that I can and should share my own spiritual learnings with others.  I am called to walk in faith, not fear.  Walk!  Yes, Lord.