Really. Really? Really!?!

Really.  Really?   Really!?!

Have you noticed that we use the word "really" a lot -  really a lot?  In my conversations with those at critical live junctures, I find myself asking questions like "what do you really want to do?" or "do you really believe that?" or sometimes just an incredulous  "really?!?".   In the quiet early morning hours, I ask myself the "really" questions of want, desire, truth.   It strikes me that "really" has become a code word for the call for serious conversation and deeper, more honest thinking.

Four Lessons for Contributing Without Selling Your Soul

Four Lessons for Contributing Without Selling Your Soul

Several weeks ago I was asked to make a presentation at the Women's Business Center of North Alabama (WBCNA) for a networking series called Strong Women, Strong Coffee.  Amazingly, a room full of women and a few stalwart men got up at the crack of dawn and came out to hear me speak.  I was both amazed and humbled.  I was asked to share some of my "keys to success."  One of the most important lessons I have learned is how to contribute without selling my soul.

Are you happy? Or, are you happy?

Are you happy?  Or, are you happy?

It is 2:00 am, the house is quiet but our mind is not.  Alone with our thoughts, we may ponder the question of happiness, that elusive prize which we pursue - whether we admit it or not.  What is happiness?  Am I happy?  Can I be happy?  Will I ever be happy?   Why is it so elusive?