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What do you do? Ugh!!!

What do you do?  Ugh!!!

For the unemployed, underemployed, or miserably employed, this simple inquiry "what do you do?" can trigger a downward spiral of negativity and self-recrimination as our Inner Critic starts the incessant diatribe about our worth, value, competency, capability as parent and/or provider, contributor, citizen, and even human being.   In our modern American society, our work and our identity are tightly coupled.  There has to be a way to respond to the question "what do you do" when we are in the midst of career transition that is positive, self-validating, and helpful.  I believe there is.

Beyond "Opportunity Tunnel Vision" to Your Dream Job

Beyond  "Opportunity Tunnel Vision" to Your Dream Job

In my work with men and women in career transition I have come to recognize a pattern of thinking, choosing, and believing that can be best described as "opportunity tunnel vision."   Every day I see talented, experienced, good people simply choose a well-worn career path and not even recognize that they have alternatives.  I do not think this is inevitable.  I believe we can explore alternatives, make better and more creative choices, and enjoy longer-term well-being by taking the time and opening our eyes, mind, and heart to alternative career futures.  

A Newcomer's Guide to Countering the Hiring-Local Bias

A Newcomer's Guide to Countering the Hiring-Local Bias

The average American will move 11.7 times in their lives and, interestingly, the average American will hold  11.7 jobs in their lives.  While these broad-brush averages may not reflect the pattern of our individual lives, what it does say is that at some juncture we may find ourselves job seeking in a new geographical location.