Really. Really? Really!?!

Really.  Really?   Really!?!

Have you noticed that we use the word "really" a lot -  really a lot?  In my conversations with those at critical live junctures, I find myself asking questions like "what do you really want to do?" or "do you really believe that?" or sometimes just an incredulous  "really?!?".   In the quiet early morning hours, I ask myself the "really" questions of want, desire, truth.   It strikes me that "really" has become a code word for the call for serious conversation and deeper, more honest thinking.

Are you happy? Or, are you happy?

Are you happy?  Or, are you happy?

It is 2:00 am, the house is quiet but our mind is not.  Alone with our thoughts, we may ponder the question of happiness, that elusive prize which we pursue - whether we admit it or not.  What is happiness?  Am I happy?  Can I be happy?  Will I ever be happy?   Why is it so elusive?